Our Goal

The planned 2-GGE/hour prototype compressor will use Carnot’s proprietary isothermal micro-bubble compression technology, which utilizes the weight of a working liquid in a centrifugal (g-force) environment to compress natural gas. The Carnot Compressor will be designed to approach isothermal or constant temperature compression and is projected to cut the energy utilized for compression by 30 percent or more over conventional technology.

The Current Market

Natural gas - has emerged to the forefront as an alternative motor fuel. It is a proven to work in most every class of vehicle. Natural Gas is clean-burning, less expensive than gasoline and diesel, and we have a plentiful supply right here in North America. And it’s available most everywhere thanks to a huge pipeline infrastructure and over-the-road CNG tanker services (virtual pipelines).

The Problem

One of the major barriers to the use of natural gas as a motor fuel is the lack of refueling infrastructure. Retail natural gas refueling stations are few…currently about 1,000 in the United States. In a recent survey, about 70% of drivers said the lack of fueling stations is the main reason they would not buy an NGV. Most consumers and small businesses operating light-duty vehicles do not have access to a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. And, although small home refueling appliances (HRAs) and (VRAs) are available, they are generally expensive and have spotty reliability.

CGRAC's Goals

The CGRAC goal is to develop, prototype, and test a CNG refueling unit that meets the following major specifications:
• Output to equal 2-GGE per hour at 3600 psi (250 BAR)
• The compression process to result in isothermal output
• The unit must exhibit superior reliability
• Low upfront cost vs. competing products
• Save on ongoing operational and maintenance costs
• Provide excellent return on investment (ROI)
• Refueling appliance for home and small fleet



The CGRAC is seeking additional members who have an interest in this project and who can see the significant benefits of providing a compression technology that could increase the use of natural gas as a motor fuel. If you or your organization would like to learn more about becoming a member, please contact Todd Thompson at todd@carnotcompression.com.

Our Team

Dick Duffy
Dick Duffy
President - Fuelpoint CNG Innovations, LLC
Todd Thompson
Todd Thompson
Co-Founder & CEO Carnot Compression LLC
Chris Galati, P.E., MBA
Chris Galati, P.E., MBA
Business Development at NW Natural

Consortium Members

What our members say about the consortium?

Working with Carnot Compression to adapt their patent-pending isothermal compression technology to CNG refueling applications. This simple technology utilizes the weight of a working liquid in a centrifugal force (g-force) environment to compress gas.