Carnot has designed and built a unique centrifugal compressor utilizing the weight of water to compress gas with a proprietary impeller. Gas compression: achieved in rotary environment utilizing water/gas emulsion as compression medium. Single stage compression cycle: Compresses the gas 200 times the entry pressure (theoretically) while maintaining the entry temperature (isothermal). To read more about isothermal compression click here. Heat of compression: heat immediately transferred from compressed gas to water during compression. Science Proven: multiple working design iterations. Intellectual Property: Patent filings in US and under International PCT


The technology is based upon the concepts from the Taylor Compressor. Taylor compressors used air bubbles entrained in water to achieve compression. Air Bubble/Water Mixture (emulsion) traveled down the Intake Shaft. Air bubbles were compressed by the weight of water as they traveled to the Air Chamber. Air bubbles & water separated in the Air Chamber. The compressed air had low moisture content and in Taylor’s embodiment contained 5,500 HP of potential energy at 128 PSI.


The compressor ran for over 80 years at 80% efficiency (6 cfm/hp @ 128 psi). This is the only truly isothermal compression system yet devised. Click Here for more information on the Taylor Compressor.  Our process has removed the geographic constraint of the Taylor compressor by creating ever-increasing gravitational-forces in a centrifugal environment.